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Experience the magic of the west coast in the idyllic fishing village in Bremanger.
From the area of Iglandsvik and Grotle, we offer some of Bremangerlandet’s best experiences. We have a variety of beautiful attractions, including one of Norway’s most beautiful beaches Grotlesanden, the adventurous hidden beach Vetvika, the majestic mountain Hornelen and numerous other mountain hikes. All are accessible from the rural and idyllic fishing village of Iglandsvik. We call it Bremangerland.

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Here in Bremanger (land), we can offer several unique experiences. Choose from day trips to Norway’s westernmost glacier Ålfotbreen, a summit trip to Europe’s highest sea cliff Hornelen (860m), relaxation at the beach Grotlesanden, many local hiking trips, fishing and boat trips to the hidden magical beach Vetvika. For tips on what you can do in Bremangerland, read more below! If you want more information, contact us or Bremanger tourist information.


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