Here in Bremanger (land), we can offer several unique experiences. Choose from day trips to Norway’s westernmost glacier Ålfotbreen, a summit trip to Europe’s highest sea cliff Hornelen (860m), relaxation at the beach Grotlesanden, many local hiking trips, fishing and boat trips to the hidden magical beach Vetvika. For tips on what you can do in Bremangerland, read more below!

If you want more information, contact us or Bremanger tourist information.


The summertime is especially idyllic in Bremanger with its several beaches and beautiful coastal nature. Stop by Havly’s café & bar for a soft serve ice cream or enjoy an ice-cold beer on the patio, ride the bike to Novelandet with a lovely sea view, and visit the historic fishing village of Kalvåg or a guided tour to the Vingen rock carving field.


Bremanger is a great location to experience the coastal life in Norway. Located on the westernmost edge of the coastal line you can experience the dramatic forces of the ocean. We recommend heading to Grotlesanden for storm watching when the weather is rough, where you can experience the powerful waves crashing inland and hear the wind howl in the mountains.

If you enjoy water activities (in better weather), we recommend heading out on the fjord with the possibility of catching a variety of fish and crab, paddle boarding, or perhaps a canoe or kayak trip. Alternatively, you can enjoy a quiet beach day at one of the several beaches where the little ones can play in the sand.

Holiday country

Bremanger has many activities for a relaxing and eventful holiday that will satisfy both the young and old. Among other things, we recommend checking out:

Smørhamn trading harbor

The historic Smørhamn trading harbor date back 350 years, and here you can experience exhibitions showcasing the way of life around 1850 and 1950. This activity is suitable for the whole family. For more information, check out the website:

“Mestringsgården” Climbing Park

This outdoor climbing park in Svelgen (on the mainland of Bremanger) is suitable for all ages.
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Elk farm “Hjortegard”

This is an elk farm in Ålfoten, which is as close to nature as possible. Here you can experience feeding an elk, but they also offer a variety of other activities, including team-building events, tours, etc. For more information, check out their website:

Norway Adventures

This company offers kayaking, family activities, excursions/tours, and team-building activities. For more information check out their website:

Carola boathouse spa and sunbathing

Located alongside the sea in Kalvåg, about 20 min drive from Iglandsvik, you’ll find a boutique spa offering a variety of spa treatments, massage, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, and a one-of-a-kind indoor beach with a sun guarantee! For offers, pricing, and opening hours, check out:

Vingen petroglyph field

This historic site has over 2,000 rock carvings up to 6,000 years old Here you’ll find guided tours every Friday during the summer season that can be booked through Bremanger tourist information.

Via Ferrata

Are you ready for an unparalleled outdoor experience? The Hornelen Via Ferrata is a new Via Ferrata on Europe’s highest sea cliff. Vertical climbing with the sea right below you is something you and your loved ones will not forget. We have full- and half-day tours, both of which are great experiences. The full-day tour goes all the way to the top of the mountain, while the half-day tour returns halfway. Welcome to the Hornelen Via Ferrata!


In Bremanger we have several beautiful beaches, which meet most people’s needs. If it’s not sunny and warm, we can still recommend a trip to our beaches to check the weather, kite/windsurf or dig for crabs and flounder in seaweed and kelp. There are a lot of exciting things to find here! Beaches to check out include:


Our most famous beach, with silky soft sand as far as the eye can see. The sea to the west is the closest neighbour, and a spectacular view of islets and reefs. Parking space and toilet facilities. Located 2 km from Havlys B&B.


One of the lesser-known beaches but just as great a destination. A long sandy beach with shallow water that is suitable for families with small children. This is also an excellent place for kiting and windsurfing in the right wind conditions. Håkssanden is located on Hauge by the grocery store Spar, about 1,3 km and walking distance from Havlys B&B.


Closest to Havlys B&B are two small beaches. These are shallow and beautiful beaches that hide many treasures for the little ones. Buy a spade and bucket at Joker grocery store right next to the beach and get digging! You can access the beaches by stairs from Havlys B&B or the parking lot at Joker, with the latter including a short walkway between traditional boathouses.


This unique hidden gem has become widely known recently, attracting hikers and boat people from near and far. This is a historic bay with a beautiful white sandy beach located on the north side of Bremanger Island. There are no roads here; thus, the bay is only accessible by boat or foot. The last inhabitants left in the 1950s, leaving behind a few houses and a graveyard. In addition to the unique landscape and nature, the bay is known for its interesting Viking and war history.

The bay is quite the sight on beautiful summer days, but also the journey to the bay is spectacular and can be enjoyed by hiking or by boat. This is a popular spot for locals and boat people. Most will spend a whole day here relaxing in the sun, grilling, and trying various watersports creating a friendly and relaxing family vibe. This spot will definitely not disappoint! If choosing to hike, there are several great marked trails. We recommend starting at Iglandsvik and walking over the mountain out to Vetvika. When transported by boat, you go west, following the edge of the island around the mighty Olderveggen, a steep, rugged rock wall with clear traces of the powerful forces of the ocean. On the boat ride, if you’re lucky, you can spot eagles, harbor seals, porpoises, and maybe some goats and elk on the steep mountainsides.

Day hikes

In Bremanger (land), we have many great hikes with various difficulty levels (black= very difficult, red= difficult, blue= medium, green=easy), satisfying both the mountain-savvy and the whole family. Some hikes we recommend include:

  • Hornelen – Day trip, red trail
  • Vetvika – Day trip, red trail
  • Holehornet – Family-friendly, green trail
  • Iglandsbenken – Family-friendly, blue trail
  • Day trip cabin at Veten – Blue trail
  • Gjängen (ælfoot glacier) – Black trail, a very demanding trip for well-watered mountain climbers

For more information, see Bremanger Turistinformasjon or


Bremangerland is an excellent place for fishing both at sea and in small lakes. We can put you in touch with boat owners that can take you out on fishing trips.

We can also help you purchase a fishing license that you will need for fishing in the lake. This can be bought from Bremanger Tourist Information. Iglandsvik is known for its rich fishing traditions and history, with many idyllic and different-colored boathouses and industrial buildings that have been used for fishing activities over many generations. Today, Iglandsvik is an active base for fishing boats in the area. If you’re lucky, you can head down to the dock and watch as the boats arrive with today’s catch or prepare the boats for the next day’s catch. Also, feel free to strike up a conversation to learn about coastal fishing.

Winter land

Although we have to admit the summer is the highlight of the year in Bremanger, the winter is pretty great too! During the winter, you can enjoy many of the same hikes as the winter on the coast is usually mild. If there’s heavy snow on the mountain, we recommend staying at sea level, where the dramatic coastal weather can be quite the experience. Experience the strong forces of winter storms and watch the waves crash onto the beach and rocks.

When we have snow in the mountains, we can recommend both skiing and snowshoeing in our valleys, with beautiful ocean and fjord views. Although we cannot guarantee great weather in the winter or summer, we can offer great nature views regardless of the season!